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Rockin' Beauty by Mel is committed to exceeding expectations when it comes to connecting and answering any questions you may have about products  & online shopping.  Can't wait to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact me through FB business page messaging, to chat online and get your questions answered in a timely manner.  Use the Shop Now button to shop online. Makeup, skincare & more.


Hair & Makeup Services

All services, prices and descriptions of service are listed on the online booking page.If you aren't sure after looking at the services, please send us a message and we can clarify which service to book. We don't book through messenger, staying organized to better serve our clients is why we use online booking or by email. Thank you. Mel.

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Booking an appointment for a haircut is simple and easy. The haircut, Shampoo and blow dry can be booked together as one service. or you can book the shampoo & haircut without a blow dry. 

Add-on services for curls and braid is an option for the full service haircut and blowdry. 

Hair Color

Booking an appointment for ​hair color is listed on our online booking service as well as a description and pricing for each service.   Hair color ther are many ways to create the look you want whether it's a highlight, root retouch (grey coverage), or an all over color.  We have different options for each of these types of color.  We also do specialty techniques such as Balayage or Vibrant Fashion color (Pink,Purple,Blue etc.) for you as an option as well.  

Blowdry is an add-on service for hair color as well as curls or braid. 



Makeup Services & Workshops

Everyday beauty or glam  makeup application services are offered for someone that doesn't wear lots of makeup and for someone that wants to be glam for night out. These services provides our clients with a variety when it comes to your individual style.   We  provide  the highest level of excellence with our  makeup services and exclusive makeup line. We ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner.

Customized makeup is an option to create a customized foundation just for you. Creating a unique formula that can be used when ready for a new foundation. Customized beauty in a bottle. 

Workshops will be offered   at the studio as well as an at home workshop .  Dates will vary, and will be announced on our FB page and an event will be created  so make sure to like our page for upcoming workshops,  offers and details. 

All new clients can book a consultation before any service is booked to go over the  price, create a plan to move forward with the appointment for services.   Staying organized is a top priority, it helps to better serve you as a client.  Booking online or Email Booking is how an appointment will be booked for ll clients.  If  you have any quick questions message us on our FB business page before booking for hair and or makeup services.  FB messaging  is for questions regarding what services you should  book for hair or makeup, all pricing and services offered are listed on our booking website.    Thank you.